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original character heaven

My name is Mack.
I'm an overconfident guy who makes a lot of art and writes a lot of things. I adore my original characters and most all art/writing I post will be of them. Leave me a request or suggestion for pretty much anything, such as art or writing drabbles, if you'd like. Be warned that my art style is pretty damn cutesy and stuff like that.
I'm usually into all fandoms. Video games and horror related things are the best, of course. I live near the general portland area in oregon. I like people a lot. We should be friends.
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Avr 12 '14

13790 words, 30 pages, and five chapters more like hell yeah oh my goood

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Avr 12 '14

ooohhhhHhhhh man another chapter done. four pages. sorta flashback thing almost and some fluff with jasper and shaun. 

1 note Tags: not the most interesting chapter in the world but its ok and i'll probably like it more later when i look back on it again always do whole thing is 30 pages long now!!! talking about my own writing

Avr 12 '14



Avr 12 '14

i rly want to start writing the florian and briar story

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Avr 12 '14

i love writing advice blogs omg i love them so much

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Avr 12 '14

i don’t know why half of the time i’m lonely and the other time it’s like i enjoy my own company more than the company of anyone else. it’s damn confusing.

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Avr 12 '14

can’t i just be an adult already

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Avr 12 '14

hikikomerri said: i always try to make sure i either tag #mushy love stuff or limit how much i post it cause i know it makes some people pretty uncomfortable, i don’t think wanting to avoid things is rude or fussy at all!

that’s really nice of you, wow. although i’m not bugged as much by people i don’t know in real life specifically talking about that stuff, i’m sure there are people even more sensitive about it so that’s very thoughtful!

1 note Tags: i worry about asking people not to talk about certain things bc i feel like then they'll start not telling me if something important happens when i really just don't want to hear every little uncomfortable detail

Avr 12 '14

so i’ve been led to believe that one of my friend’s parents believes i’m aromantic because i got ‘hurt’ or something and lets just say i haven’t been happy at all for the last hour or so after being alerted to this

1 note Tags: theres more to the story than that and i don't even know if its the most reliable information but it wouldnt surprise me if it was and i think that's really fucking innapropriate bc this parent was telling another friends parent about how upset i was apparently??? so i have to assume she believes that because i told her child i was aromantic and then that child told her about it all i know is i'm really confused and outraged and angry and uncomfortable whining

Avr 12 '14

themiminator a dit :ah yes i feel you 100% here especially the last part, god sorry you have to deal with that, usually i try to hide myself like swap to “away” or “invisible” or whatever when people do this, it’s tough and uncomfy stuff aaa

i’ M REALLY GLAD I’M NOT THE ONLY PERSON LIKE THIS?? and that i have at least one follow (aka you) that can relate bc i’m pretty sure that anyone else would be like ‘what you’re so fussy and rude’ if i talked about it rather than be like ‘god sorry you have to deal with that’ l a u g h s

i just feel so confused at how i can be all ‘these characters are dorks in love’ one minute and ‘please don’t’ the next. well. i guess people can like all sorts of things in fiction but not in real life at all.

2 notes Tags: escaping and avoiding that stuff is harder in real life i'd imagine although i haven't tried yet themiminator whining

Avr 12 '14


Video Game Consoles!

Please do not remove my credit/comment

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Avr 12 '14


talking to people about my obsessions pretending im just a casual fan

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Avr 12 '14


snk girls i’m attracted to

  • all of them
  • every single one

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Avr 12 '14




#everyone is all over hiddleston for this scene but can we appreciate how great evans was at imitating his mannerisms?

Evans was so good that we forgot it wasn’t Hiddleston playing Loki pretending to be Steve.

The entire scene is magnificent

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Avr 12 '14

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